• My WWDC scholarship submission is starting to flesh out. I don’t think I will win again and I don’t even know if I could attend if I’d did, but it is fun little project.

  • The iPad lineup now is nearly as confusing as the MacBook one.

  • Showerthought: Would customers benefit if Apple were forced to build there services on top of publicly available APIs? That could mean real Siri integration, alternatives to iCloud backups and more. I feel like the answer could be yes.

  • Time to revive this blog!

  • My girlfriend made some amazing dinner tonight 😍😋

  • I really like the Game of Thrones teaser. Can’t wait for April 14. 🍿 📺

  • It’s been a great year 2018.

    I took the holidays off to relax a little but I have set myself some ambitious goals for 2019. Can’t wait to get started.

  • Is Apple making the right map?

    Finally had time to read Justin O’Beirne excellent post about Apple’s new Map, an in-depth dive into all the changes (the good and bad) Apple Mad this year in California.

  • Essen Light Festival

  • As much as I like the new iPad Pro hardware it would be over 1200€ to replace my iPad Pro 9.7. Maybe next year

  • Finally updated my Mac to Mojave. Not sure how I like it.

    The Marzipan apps are just bad, it took me a while to get my tools work with the new privacy dialogs and I don’t like dark mode. But I have orange as my accent color, wich is nice!

  • This Micro Monday I’d like to recommend @sattelknecht, where Max and Philipp will document their 80 day bicycle tour through South East Asia.

  • Nearly done with automating my packing list with Shortcuts and OmniFocus. Thanks @rosemaryorchard and @macsparky!

  • iPhone Xs comes with aLightning to USB-A cabel and a 5W charger

  • I am not surprised we haven’t seen iPads or Macs, but they didn’t even mentioned AirPower or Qi charging at all.

  • HomePod updates. Yeah!

  • iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, Liquid Retina… those names…

  • No 3D touch on iPhone XR…

  • I think I need a new Apple Watch

  • No Macs, no iPad today…

  • Following Twitter, Micro.blog and the Mac Power Users Event Streaming Thread is going to be fun!

    I am ready!

  • iMazing 2.6.4 has been released Aug 16, 2018 but is still not available on Setapp where you pay a subscription and already own every upgrade.

  • 🍔 BA7141C4-8BB7-41B9-82FE-48EB773DD524.jpg

  • The HomePod gained (limited) Siri Shortcuts support! Unfortunately it seems like all shortcuts run on the phone, not on the HomePod itself right now.

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